The People

After some persuasion, David convinced Vance Rose that the Lovall Valley vineyard was exceptional. Vance, in turn, convinced Michael Terrien to make the wine… and from that collaboration we now have the Grieve Family Winery Sauvignon Blanc!

David Grieve

David grew up in Michigan, went to college in Texas and started his career in commercial real estate in San Francisco, certainly never thinking he would end up being a world-class producer of Sauvignon Blanc, or any other wine for that matter. In 2002 David bought a house on 10 acres in the middle of Lovall Valley and relocated his business to Sonoma. Adjacent to his house was a Sauvignon Blanc vineyard on 60 acres of land. At the time David had no desire for Sauvignon Blanc, but every evening he would look over the vineyard admiringly. He began to walk the vineyard and taste the fruit, which led him to start buying many different Sauvignon Blancs. Soon David was well versed on Sauvignon Blanc from California. Now an expert on the subject the only thing left was to buy the vineyard, which he did in 2004. David, with the help of a friend made a small quantity of wine each year and sold the rest of the fruit to deserving producers.

Vance Rose

At the age of 18 (then the legal drinking age) Vance had his first great wine and learned there were more than four types of wine, as he had thought previously: white, red, pink and sparkling. Since that time (over 31 years) Vance has been seeking, selling and producing wine all over the world. Having traveled to all the great wine producing regions of the world and doing business in most of them, Vance was introduced to what he considered the greatest American Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, the Grieve Family Vineyard. Producing the Grieve Family Winery Sauvignon Blanc with David and Michael, Vance believes Lovall Valley will become synonymous with the best of American Sauvignon Blanc. Vance lives in Sonoma, CA with his wife, Kelly.

Michael Terrien

Michael’s winemaking experience skews heavily toward the Burgundian varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from his years making the wines at Hanzell and Acacia. Before then there was the batch of 10-day macerated Chardonnay he made for his MS Enology at UC Davis; but better to dwell on his successes. Ever interested in expanding his repertoire, the idea of starting a Sauvignon-blanc winery with David and Vance appealed for three reasons. First, no winery in California is dedicated to making only one Sauvignon Blanc wine (and nothing more) from a singular estate source. Second, Lovall Valley captures the imagination with its potential for producing a wine that is as distinct and unique as it’s terroir and microclimate. And Third, David has lots of toys.